Watch the events of World War Two unfold in real-time

History buffs, check this out!

Next week, on May 8, is the 76th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe); The day that would end six long years of bloodshed in Europe. While the war would still rage for a few more months against Japan, VE Day marked the beginning of the end of the worst conflict in human history.

If you’re a history buff, you have probably watched countless documentaries about World War Two and you’re most likely hungry for more. Well, there is a YouTube channel that has been exploring this history in a very cool and unique way.

Simply titled World War Two, this YouTube channel has been recounting the history of World War Two week-by-week, in real-time. Starting over three years ago, each episode does a deep dive into the events as they would have unfolded over 75 years ago. There are also other playlists and episodes featuring biographies on key figures and specials on things like military tactics and rumors.

The series is currently in the year 1942 and will continue to be updated weekly with new content.

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