Waypoint introducing mental health supports for frontline workers

Centre launches COVID Frontline Wellness program

The Waypoint Centre for Mental Health in Penetanguishene wants to help the mental wellbeing of frontline health care workers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Waypoint has launched a new program called COVID Frontline Wellness, in collaboration with the province’s Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence and other provincial partners.

“We need those who are caring for us to be both physically and mentally healthy and we are pleased to offer a new direct service where you can talk with someone about your concerns and needs,” said Waypoint President and CEO Carol Lambie. “Our COVID Frontline Wellness program for health care and frontline workers offers supports to enhance resilience, and care and treatment for mental health and addiction challenges.”

While frontline workers are used to critical situations, the unprecedented reality of the pandemic could be causing strain, due to long hours in critical care environments, extensive PPE usage, and other ongoing changes, including physical isolation and worries of contracting the disease.

“This is care for our frontline workers and first responders when they need it most and we hope you will reach out for help is you need it. During you session with a therapist you will offered a comprehensive assessment of needs, brief therapy intervention and discussion about other options for symptom management and support,” said Lambie.

Visit the Waypoint Centre’s website or call (705)549-3181 ext. 2308 for more information.