Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day against bullying

Pink shirt day is a reminder that bullying will not be tolerated in schools

Get your pink on.

Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day and students and staff at area schools are encouraged to dress in pink to make a statement against bullying and to show support for kindness.

Barrie Police spokesman Peter Leon says officers will be wearing regular uniformed shirts with a pink flash on them.

School officers, who see students wearing pink, will ask if they want their photo taken which will then be unloaded to social media.

“We work closely with schools to ensure these school communities are safe and free of bullying,” said Leon.

He says bullying is a problem that exists and you can’t hide that fact.

“It’s important for students to know that school is a place to learn, a positive environment and to ensure that the students have the ability to go to school and do what’s most important and that’s learn to prepare them for the future.”

If there is a situation where bullying is taking place and it restricts students from receiving their education, then Leon says it has to be dealt with.

He says it’s easier to deal with situations when police first find out about them rather than letting them fester, which often results in absenteeism and bigger problems down the road.

Leon notes bullying can happen anywhere at any time, whether it’s at school or the workplace.

As far as students are concerned, he says it’s about giving them the tools and resources to understand what bullying is and that it has no place in our schools or has no place in our society.

“It will be dealt with in accordance with the law and when and where charges will be laid.”

Pink Shirt Day began in Nova Scotia in 2007 with a group of high school students rallying around a fellow student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They bought 50 pink tank tops to hand out at school the next day. For more on information on bullying and where to turn for help visit Kids Help Phone.

feature image via St Peters CSS Twitter