Published January 19, 2023

The Barrie Colts, YMCA, Kyle Wauchope, and More

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Here we go again ... with another episode of What Barrie's Talking About from Barrie 360. A weekly podcast to bring you the important local stories that matter.

This week, join Dan Blakely and the Barrie 360 team as they talk: to Brandt Clarke of the Barrie Colts, the future of Barrie YMCA, about the Barrie Women's Show, to Kyle Wauchope, and Hope Around Town.

On This Week's Episode

1. Barrie Colts Defenseman Brandt Clarke

He's back in Barrie with a gold medal in hand. Having spent the first part of the season with LA Kings, he's here to chat with Ian MacLennan to talk about his success at the World Juniors, his experience with the Kings, and how he hopes to help the Colts get to the next level…

2. The Barrie Women's Show

The Barrie Women's Show returns this weekend to Bradford Greenhouses after a two year break. Our own MJ is interested, and she thinks you will be, too. She's with event coordinator Marissa Nazarek …

3. The Future of The Barrie YMCA

It has been a rough road for those involved with the Barrie YMCA trying to find a new home for the facility after the Grove Street site closed a couple of years ago. Where do things stand? How close are they? Here again is Ian MacLennan with the Y's Jill Tettmann

4.  Barrie Colts Team Update With Gene Pereira

Barrie Colts have been on a tear! Making deals, winning some games, etc. We are starting a weekly roundup of what's happening with the Barrie Colts. Gene Pereira joins us to talk about it!

5. The Season Centre For Grieving Children's Fundraising Initiative "Hope Around Town"

There's lots of support for adults when a family member dies, but not so much for children. Enter the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children in Barrie. They offer peer to peer support to children and families who are grieving. But like any such endeavor, funding is needed to keep the centre going. Our own MJ chats with Seasons Centre founder Rowley Ramey about Hope Around Town

6. Local artist Kyle Wauchope

The music scene locally is getting back on track after the pandemic. A lot of bands getting a chance to play and Innisfil's Kyle Wauchope is among them. He had a lot of gigs last year, and has written some new material. If you don't know him, let's get to know him …

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