Published April 13, 2023

The "Love Barrie" Sign Finances, 705 24-Hour Window Challenge, Booster Shots, and More!

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It's another week, which means we have another episode of What Barrie's Talking About for you ... and it's a busy week with lots to go through!

We talk to Mike McCann about the financial questions that remain around the "Love Barrie" sign, redesigning the streets, social media and the police, the 705 24-Hour Window Challenge, and more. 

On this week's episode …

1. Weekly Barrie Colts Update

The Barrie Colts have survived the first round of the playoffs against Hamilton and are gearing up for a conference semi-final against the North Bay Battalion.

We get a look at how they got there…and what to expected in the coming days with Barrie 360s Will Konkin and Colts broadcaster Gene Pereira

2. Redesigning The Streets In Barrie?

We've seen traffic calming measures in various parts of Barrie ... some permanent, some pop-up every spring ... sometimes in different areas.

There's been talk of speed and red-light cameras, but Ward 9 Councillor Sergio Morales thinks redesigning the streets might help. He joined our Ian MacLennan …

3. Where Are We At With COVID Boosters?

Have you kept on top of COVID boosters? Do you know how many you've had? When you should get another?

Queen's Park came out with some guidance last week. Barrie's 360's MJ gets to the point with Michelle Phillips, acting manager of the COVID immunization program at the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.

4. The Police Using Social Media To Communicate With The Public

As if policing was not tough enough ... Eeter social media.

Everyone, it seems, is quick to point out police activity in their neighbourhood, but not always accurate in their account. This can hinder the work of police.

Corporate Communications Coordinator, Peter Leon, says police have found their own social media accounts to be valuable tools in keeping the public informed …

5. How Much Is That Person In The Window?

Four people ... 24 hours ... Stuck in a window for 24 hours. 

The 705 24-Hour Window Challenge returns in may at The 705 recovery Centre's location on Dunlop Street West.

An effort to raise funds to keep the centre open and keep reaching its hand out to people looking for advice or just needing to be heard

Here again is Barrie 360's Will Konken with The 705's Christine Gordon and Nicole Marsh …

6. Barrie Councillor Mike McCann Talk Finances Of The Love Barrie Sign

No denying the "Love Barrie" sign on the waterfront has been popular since it was installed ...

It seems to always have groups of people, families, gathered there taking pictures.

But while it has generated interest, it has also generated controversy over the money raised over and above the cost of the sign.

How much is leftover, and what it will be used for?

City council has indicated it's not happy with the financial statement that has been presented and is seeking outside legal advice on what it can do about it. It is also rethinking its policy on funds raised in this manner.

For the record, the city says it has not fielded any questions or concerns from the public, or donors to the sign, about the leftover money or how it will be spent.

We reached out to former city councillor Mike McCann, the man behind the sign. He's with our Ian MacLennan …

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