Published August 3, 2023

Bill C-18, Mayor Nuttall's Prison Drop Solution, Furry Friends Emergency, and More!

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Here we are with another episode of What Barrie's Talking About --- a podcast that brings you the local stories in Barrie that matter the most.

On this week’s episode of What Barrie’s Talking About, we discuss Bill C-18 and it’s impacts, a feline emergency at Furry Friends and how you can help, Mayor Nuttall is back for his monthly visit, and more! 

What Barrie's Talking About This Week

Here's the stories you can listen to in this week's episode of What Barrie's Talking About.

1-  Furry Friends Feline Emergency 

This week, emotions ran high when a box full of ill and emaciated cats and kittens was left on the doorstep of Aldergrove Veterinary Clinic on Yonge Street. Some require immediate medical attention, while others yearn for a caring touch. Furry Friends Animal Shelter swiftly responded, finding foster homes to nurse them back to health. Barrie 360's MJ updates us on their progress from Nicole Swyers, the feline coordinator at Furry Friends. Discover how you can help at

2-  Mayor Alex Nuttall Chats Prison Bus Drop 

Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall fulfills his election promises by taking action. In his regular monthly chat with Barrie 360’s Ian MacLennan, he discusses a deal with the province regarding the daily prisoner drop-off at the downtown bus terminal.

3-  Speed Cameras Are Coming To Barrie 

Last year, 5,600 speeding tickets were issued in Barrie, and the police could have enforced more with additional officers. To address this, the city is collaborating with local authority services to introduce speed cameras. Barrie 360's Will Konken gathers the details from LAS director Judy Dezelle. 

Keep an eye out for signs indicating the upcoming implementation of speed cameras in specific neighborhoods!

4- C-18 

Bill C-18 has caused a lot of controversy within the Canadian broadcast journalism industry. Many are unsure of when the timeline of it all.  It not only affects videos online, but also the radio station’s websites.

Head of Content & Strategy at Central Ontario Broadcasting, Logan Miller, sheds light on all the details and implications.

What Barrie's Talking About

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