Why Millennials Should Be Thinking About Retirement, A Local Success Story and More …

Welcome to another edition of What Barrie’s Talking About from Barrie 360! It’s a big week with lots to talk about. What Barrie’s Talking About is a weekly podcast that brings the local stories that impact you. News stories that you aren’t used to hearing!

This week on the podcast, we talk about why millennials need to start thinking about retirement, a book to get kids’ creativity flowing, the Barrie Jr Sharks, and more …

What Barrie’s Talking About This Week

1) Millennials & Retirement

Changes in the workplace, cost of living, and life expectancy are making it difficult for millennials to retire comfortably. Sandra Ramos at IG Wealth Management joined us to talk about the challenges millennials face and how to address them.

2) A Local Success Story

Angela Odusanya, a designated early childhood educator and author, joined us a few months ago to talk about her Kickstarter program for a children’s book she hoped to publish. Angela stopped in again to update us and talk about the overwhelming support she has received.

3) Weekly Barrie Colts Update

The Barrie Colts had another rough one this past weekend, losing two games on the road. Will Konken takes a look back with Gene Pereira, broadcaster and writer for the Colts.

4) The Sharks Are Off To A Good Start

The Barrie Jr Sharks Women’s Elite team is off to a great start after some wholesale changes over the summer. We sat down with coach Duane Eldridge and forward Jordan Redden to talk about how the season is going so far.

5) Making Sure Veteran Stories Live On

This Saturday many will take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by Canadians during times of conflict. As the number of veterans still living to tell their stories dwindles, Jayne Turvey, Community Services Coordinator at the Orillia Public Library, is doing what she can every year to ensure their stories live on. Barrie 360’s Ian MacLennan finds out more.

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