The Girl Behind Lake Simcoe, Police Open Up About Person In Crisis Incident And More

Welcome to another edition of What Barrie’s Talking About from Barrie 360! It’s a big week with lots to talk about. What Barrie’s Talking About is a weekly podcast that brings the local stories that impact you. News stories that you aren’t used to hearing!

This week on the podcast, we talk about why the public was put on a need to know basis during a recent police interaction, Youthful Lake Simcoe, how laughter is helping a local charity, and more …

What Barrie’s Talking About This Week

1) The Inside Scoop

A police interaction with a person in distress tied up an intersection in south Barrie for almost 24 hours. There were many questions from the public during that time but not many answers from police … and for good reason.

We get a behind the scenes look at what transpired and why the public was put on a need to know basis …

2) Youthful Lake Simcoe

The world has Greta Thunberg battling for the environment. Lake Simcoe has a Grade 10 Barrie student Zoe Bystrov doing its bidding.

She stopped in recently for a chat with Barrie 360’s Ian MacLennan. We got to know more about her and the work she is doing through her group Youthful Lake Simcoe …

3) Tickling That Funny Bone

COPE Service Dogs is holding a night of comedy, called Funny Bone, on February 1st.

Barrie 360’s MJ gets details about the fundraising event and learns more about COPE services from board member Tracy Baker …

4) Weekly Barrie Colts Update

Not a great weekend on the ice for the Barrie Colts but the coach and GM saw a few things he liked. Our Will Konken gets us caught up with Colts writer and broadcaster Gene Pereira …

5) Barrie Junior Sharks Update

The Barrie Junior Sharks are past the halfway mark of their season. We get caught up with coach Duane Eldridge …

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