Published February 8, 2024

How To Save On Groceries, A New Way To Learn History, Car Thefts and More

What Barrie's Talking About Podcast

Welcome to another edition of What Barrie's Talking About from Barrie 360! It's a big week with lots to talk about. What Barrie's Talking About is a weekly podcast that brings the local stories that impact you. News stories that you aren't used to hearing!

This week on the podcast, we talk about a school for remarkable students, a musical about the Oro African Church, saving on groceries and more ...

What Barrie's Talking About This Week

1) It's Black History Month

History can be a boring topic for some people. But one local writer and director named Alinka Angelova has found a way to make it more interest. Her play tells the story of the Oro African Church and its connection to slavery and the Underground Railroad in a musical, which will be showing February 23 and 24 at Georgian Theatre.

Angelova sat down with MJ to share more ...

2) Could Increased Auto Thefts Increase Rates?

Lately, there's been lot of attention on stolen vehicles and the numbers are on the rise. That has resulted in an increase in insurance rates and they may be going higher.

CAA's Director of Government Relations, Elliot Silver-Stine is concerned about this. He made some time to talk about it with Will Konken …

3) Fundraiser For Women and Children's Shelter

The Barrie Women and Children's Shelter is gearing up for its annual fundraiser. Deb James joins Dan Blakeley to talk about the organization and their upcoming event ...

4) Weekly Barrie Colts Update

It's been a tough year on the road for the Barrie Colts with wins being few and far between. But they're back from a weekend swing in the US that went pretty well.

We get an update from Colts writer and broadcaster Gene Pereira and our Will Konken …

5) Time To Save On Groceries

What if you could get a brick of ice cream for 99 cents?

Maybe you can. It's been a year or so since we spoke with coupon queen Pat Hollett at Canadian Savings Group ad got some great advice about how to save money on groceries.

She's back with some more tips now that the cost of food shopping continues to rise ...

6) A School For Remarkable Students

We took the Barrie 360 microphone on the road this past week to meet Amanda Baysarowich at the Unique Minds Academy on Cedar Pointe Drive in Barrie. She told us more about this special school for some special and pretty remarkable students …

What Barrie's Talking About

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