What To Do With Your Christmas Tree In January

'Yule' be wanting to get rid of it

All the presents are gone and the fridge is full of leftovers, Christmas must be over. What do you do with the Christmas tree though?

There are a few different things you can do with your tree now that the holiday is over including replanting it, allowing it to break down naturally, or utilizing your municipality’s curbside collection service.

First up, simply re-planting your tree outside extends the life of the tree and gives birds and wildlife a habitat to help them survive the cold and harsh winter months. The second thing you can do is allow the tree to decompose naturally on your property. It’s good for your soil and can save you a few bucks on fertilizer.

For curbside collection, different municipalities have tree collecting services running throughout the month of January. In Barrie, collection will occur on a weekly basis throughout the month. In Orillia, collection will occur on the first three full weeks following Christmas on your regular collection day. If you’re outside of those two cities, collection will work a bit different and may not coincide with your regular collection day. You can use this handy tool to find out when your Christmas tree will be collected.

Finally, ensure all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments, nails, tree stands, and other materials have been removed from your tree. Basically, if it’s not part of the tree, don’t include it. Trees in plastic bags or ones that are longer than 1.8m or 6ft will not be taken and make sure to keep it cleared off so it doesn’t get buried in the snow.