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Where and When To Find Drink Specials In Barrie

Have you heard the one about the Barrie Resident who walked into a bar?

North, South, West, or Downtown, no matter where you want to go, Barrie has drink specials everywhere! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and that somewhere is Barrie!

North End


Single hi-balls, house wine, and tons of classic cocktails like a Moscow mule, manhattan, or an old fashion are all available for happy hour at Moxie’s! You can also try their specialty: a house-made hard lemonade for $6.50!

Moose Winooski’s

Friday’s from 3 PM to 6 PM is Moose Winooski’s happy hour! Enjoy $5 domestic draught and rail shots along with $5 Ceasars!

O’Hara’s Public House

O’Hara’s has a fantastic drink special to go along with all their food specials! Ceasars are the name of the game on Sundays thanks to the $4 Ceasar special!


Applebee’s is celebrating summer is two ways, with $2 Bud and Bud Light (9oz), and the neighborhood drink of the month! July’s drink is the Malibu Bahama Mama for $2!

The Lockeroom

Drink specials all week long at The Lockeroom including delicious ceasars for only $3.50!


The new bar on the block, Symposium has some great drink specials with $4 beer on Mondays and $5.25 martinis on Wednesdays! Date night? how about $5 off select bottles of wine on Fridays!

Boston Pizza

Apps and Drinks are the highlights for Boston Pizza’s Appy Hour specials! Grab $4 apps, domestic beer, house wine, select mixed drinks, and their signature moscow mule!

State & Main

Another restaurant with specials for every day of the week, State & Main has deals on beer, margaritas, and even Canadian whiskey! My personal favorite is the half-price wine bottles on Thursdays or as I like to think of it, two for one!


More daily food and drink specials thanks to Montana’s! Lot’s of options for beer, wine, and cocktails but you have to try their new Spiked Texas Tea which is only $6 for a limited time!

Fionn Maccool’s

Treat your taste buds to a different beer every day of the week with Fionn Maccool’s daily pour! Steam Whistle, Beau’s, Belgian Moon and more!

South End


Head to Wranglers on Saturday for a pint and a pound of wings for $16 or wait until Sunday and grab a $4 caesar!


There’s a reason it’s called caesar Sunday! Wickies pub offers up $3.50 Caesars all Sunday long!

Urban Dish

Thursdays are thirsty at Urban Dish! Head over and take a look at their Thirsty Thursday menu because everything in it is $10!


I guess the South end is caesar territory! Barnstormers has $5 caesars on Sundays! Make it a double for only $3 more!

St. Louis

More deals for every day of the week at St. Louis like a domestic pitcher for $15 on Mondays, shooters for $4 on Tuesdays, or Margaritas for $6 on Saturdays!

The Penalty Box

The Penalty Box really wants you to enjoy a pint with something to eat! A pint and a pound, a pint and a burger, a pint and a quesadilla, or a pint and chili! Prices range from $10 to $15!


Drink like a king at Redline Brewhouse! Get yourself a 32oz stein of one of their core beers for only $10! If you’re hungry and only want to spend $15, get a beer with either a burger on Tuesdays or wings on Wednesdays!

Wild Wing

If your feeling wild (sorry), head over to Wild Wing for a different drink special every day of the week! Sol bottles for $5 on Tuesdays, signature margaritas for $6 on Fridays, or, you guessed it, $5 caesars on Sundays!

Buffalo Wild Wing

If, on the other hand, you’re feeling Buffalo wild (sorry), Buffalo Wild Wing features 3 different beers on special every month! July’s beers are Belgian Moon, Heineken, and Budweiser!

Lone Star

Even happy hour is bigger in Texas! Monday to Friday at Lone Stars from 11 AM to 5 PM (and again after 9) you can enjoy well drinks and frozen margaritas for $5 or 32oz of Budweiser and Bud Light for $9!


Milestones have a special for the boys and a special for the girls! Grab 3 friends and get either a pitcher of domestic beer or 4 bellinis with 4 appetizers for $44!


Same Deals as the North End: More daily food and drink specials thanks to Montana’s! Lot’s of options for beer, wine, and cocktails but you have to try their new Spiked Texas Tea which is only $6 for a limited time!

Boston Pizza

Same Deals as the North end: Apps and Drinks are the highlights for Boston Pizza’s Appy Hour specials! Grab $4 apps, domestic beer, house wine, select mixed drinks, and their signature moscow mule!


Besides a clever logo and billiards, PoolHub also has Margarita night every Thursday all summer long! Play some pool and enjoy an ice-cold Margarita for only $3!



All roads lead to the Bourbon at the five points! Daily deals including $4 domestic bottles on Wednesdays, $4 bar rails on Thursdays, $4 caesars on Sundays!

British Arms

Along with lots of food specials, British Arms gives a reason to go drinking on a Tuesday (like you needed one)! Get a 32oz stein of Canadian or Coors for only $11!


Head to the Donaleighs website and look for “Todays Specials”. Thursdays are select bottles of wine for $25 after 4 PM!


Relax on Sundays at McReilly’s with double Caesars and mimosas for only $7! If you like your liquor a little harder, Whisky Wednesdays offer up a special cocktail every week!q


Queens has teamed up with Jeeves Edwards a popular butler character who has created his own shot collection. These shots can be purchased on there own or as a “Shot box” set. There are a total of 5 shots in the collection. The Jeeves on the beach, the Jeeves tattoo, a new Canadian favorite the Double Double, as well as the newly released “Urine Sample” and a shot that will be released over the summer.

The Speakcheasy

Cool 1920’s atmosphere, Frank Sinatra playing on the speakers, cheese on your plate, and half-price cocktails from 4 PM to 6 PM on Fridays. Is this heaven? Nope, it’s The Speakcheasy.

The Works

The Works is currently in the middle of their Buckets, Brews and Bevvies special which lets you pick 4 Corona, Angry Orchard Cider, Hop City Big Tiki, Moosehead Radler, or Daura Daura for $19!

West End


Though it’s pretty close to Downtown, we put Tiff’s in the West end section. Head over on Sundays for $4.50 caesars!

The Bull & Barrel

Along with the usual Sunday caesar special which is $5 all day long, The Bull & Barrel also has Two-Fisted Tuesdays which gets you two pints of Coors and two burgers for $24!

St. Louis

Same deals as the South end: More deals for every day of the week at St. Louis like a domestic pitcher for $15 on Mondays, shooters for $4 on Tuesdays, or Margaritas for $6 on Saturdays!

Dunlop Billiards

Dunlop Billiards is the place to be on Tuesdays! Their summer special sees pool price down to a flat $5 rate and you can upgrade your pint of draft beer to a 32oz for only $1!