Who Is And Isn’t Kowtowing to Chinese Censorship Demands

Reddit Users Compiling Lists As Hong Kong Protests Continue

Two separate lists are being compiled and updated with the names and acts of companies that comply with or stand against, Chinese Censorship demands.

The first list, which is, unfortunately, quite a bit longer and it names a number of companies including Blizzard, Apple, and the NBA. It cites various reasons such as Blizzard severely punishing a Professional e-sports player for voicing his support of the Hong Kong protests. You can see the full list here.

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The second list details the companies and people who have stood up against, and refused to bow to Chinese censorship. One such example is South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker creating an entire episode mocking the Chinese government, followed by a mock apology on Twitter. The full whitelist can be found here.

The lists first cropped up in a Reddit post about the recent South Park episode mocking the Chinese government. In the comments, Reddit user R-M-Pitt included a comprehensive breakdown as well as links to the full lists which can be updated by the community.