Who Is Your New Barrie City Council?

Six new faces on council

Lots of new faces around Barrie’s council chambers soon, along with a familiar one right in the middle.

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman won a landslide third-term victory Monday night, with nearly 91% of the vote. Six new councillors have been elected in the City of Barrie; one in a skin-of-your-teeth ballot count, and a few landslide victories.

Ward One

Less than 4% separating Councillor-Elect Clare Riepma (at 29.7%) with runner-up Shaughna Ainsworth (25.98%). There is no incumbent in Ward One, Bonnie Ainsworth was one of two opting not to seek re-election.

Ward Two

Keenan Aylwin took an early lead and held on as all polls reported back, taking 42.04% of the ward’s votes and beating out incumbent Rose Romita at 20.88%.

Ward Three

Doug Shipley took a commanding lead in his ward, earning a 69.99% re-election vote.

Ward Four

Barry Ward for Barrie Ward Four… again. He has held that seat since his election to it in 2000.

Ward Five

Robert Thompson took just over half his ward’s vote, at 55.22%, to defeat defending incumbent Peter Silveira.

Ward Six

Former paramedic-turned-inspirational speaker and author Natalie Harris took 39.23% of the vote to earn a seat, defeating incumbent Steve Trotter’s 35.28%. Trotter had been a late-game addition to council, appointed in the summer of 2017 to fill a vacant seat.

Ward Seven

Incumbent Andrew Prince wasn’t able to parlay his previous time on council into a victory, losing to Gary Harvey, 46.94% to 34.17%

Ward Eight

Another up-for-grabs ward with no incumbent thanks to outgoing Councillor Arif Khan, this one the tightest race in the city. Jim Harris took 30.78% of the vote, versus Brad Thompson at 30.51%. This is the point where we mention these are unofficial results subject to change upon review and certification by the City Clerk. No pressure Wendy.

Ward Nine

Sergio Morales was acclaimed this election, vowing to this term double-down on his efforts to support his ward’s growing infrastructure needs.

Ward Ten

A clear victory in Ward Ten, as incumbent Mike McCann took 69.18% of his ward’s vote.

This newly elected council’s term of office begins on December 1st.