Window Raise-a-Thon at ‘The 705’ raised $14,000…and a few laughs

Will help the centre continue to provide much-needed services

Saturday’s Window Raise-a-Thon at The 705 Recovery Centre on Dunlop Street raised $14,000, which will help the centre stay open for the next three months.

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Four people, Melissa Hart, Jake Mathias, Kat Chabot, and Geoff MacGillivray spent 24 hours in the windows at the centre accepting donations, as well as a number of challenges.

In addition to donations to the centre, the public was able to pay extra to prank the four participants.

Geoff MacGillivray had to dress up as a ladybug and walk down Dunlop Street to order a coffee at McDonald’s, eliciting a number of stares.

Geoff MacGillivray

Melissa Hart dressed up as a werewolf for a stroll along Dunlop, which startled a diner at one of the patios.

And there were numerous pies-in-the-face.

Donations can still be made at

images provided by The 705