Woman emerges from coma after 27 years

Injured in car crash in 1991

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) woman, injured in a collision 27 years ago, has emerged from a coma.

Munira Abdulla was 32 at the time, suffered a severe brain injury.

She awoke last year. Her son, who was four at the time of the collision, telling her story now to give hope to others in similar circumstances.

Omar Webair told UAE-based newspaper The National this week he never gave up on her because he always had a feeling she would wake up.

Webair was with his mother in the back seat with his mother when the collision occurred. When she saw the crash coming she cradled him in her arms to protect him. he suffered just a few bruises.

His mother spent the ensuing years being transferred back and forth between hospitals in UAE, London and finally Germany, where she underwent a number of surgeries and was given medication to improve her wakefulness.

It was there, while Webair was involved in an argument in her room, Abdulla began to stir. Webair thinks she sensed he was at risk. Three days later he awoke to the sound her calling his name. As the days went by she became more responsive, was able to feel pain and could have some conversations.

Adbulla remains in hospital in Abu Dhabi where she is undergoing physiotherapy and further rehabilitation – mainly to improve her posture when sitting and prevent muscles from contracting.

There have been few cases of people recovering consciousness after several years.