Woman with new presumptive case of COVID-19 in Toronto had inconclusive first test

Province said it's unlikely that the woman was infectious.

Ontario health officials provided another update on COVID-19 or coronavirus after another presumptive case of the deadly airborne disease in Toronto over the weekend. Health Officials said the woman arrived from China on Friday with a cough.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health says similarly to a young female in London, Ontario who had a presumptive case of COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) the woman in this case also had mild symptoms and also had an inconclusive test. The test was sent to the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg for confirmation.

coronavirus The two confirmed cases in Ontario are a husband and wife who recently travelled to Wuhan. The couple, both in their 50s, returned to Toronto on a China Southern Airlines flight on Jan 22.
Image of Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the coronavirus

There have been 540 negative tests in Canada so far, 3 cases resolved and 1 new presumptive case. And, Canadian Health officials continue monitoring new countries impacted by the spread. That includes South Korea, with 833 cases, Italy ( 226 ) and Iran (61 cases).