Worst year ever? Majority of Canadians say YES!

Ontarians and the young feel it most

Many have whispered it, now a poll for the Association for Canadian Studies finds half of Canadians think this is – or will be – the worst year of their lives.

The Leger survey found this to be especially so for young people aged 18-34 with 56 per cent expressing dissatisfaction.

Ontario residents appear to be struggling most – 54 per cent said it’s the worst year they have known.

British Columbians and Quebecers are the most optimistic – just 46 per cent said this year has been the worst.

The largest group of respondents, nationally – 43 per cent – felt the worst of the COVID-crisis is yet to come. Others cited the loss of a loved one and personal problems such as stress, anxiety and uncertainty about the future as the biggest factors making this a bad year for them.