Yonge And Big Bay Point Opened Earlier Than Expected

City Completes Repairs and Repaving Ahead of Schedule

April 11th

The City of Barrie opened up Yonge and Big Bay Point earlier than expected.

City Hall vowed to have the intersection reopened as of mid-week next week, instead surprised everyone by opening it in the middle of Thursday afternoon. All lanes are open, save for one eastbound Big Bay Point lane, and one southbound lane on Yonge Street.

Barrie Transit routes 4 and 8 had been on detour for the length of the closure, while City Hall says both will be back on their regular routes at the beginning of service Friday morning.

The intersection was promptly closed last Friday morning, following an underground water main break around 3:30 that morning. No word on the cause of the break.

April 10th

Barrie City Hall says the intersection of Yonge and Big Bay Point will be completely reopened by the middle of next week. Some lanes could be open sooner.

The water main that broke Friday morning has been repaired as of the end of Wednesday, with the recommissioning process going until at least Friday. City Hall says a single lane of traffic is expected to open in each direction over the weekend.

After the repairs and recommissioning are done, the City has to test the water before they can repave.

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Delays to construction include the fatal collision on Saturday, while Barrie Police had to hold the scene for investigation until Monday morning. City Hall also had to have the redesigned water main approved by a variety of regulatory agencies before the repairs could even start. That approval came today.

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The Health Unit issued a Boil Water Advisory for the area until samples collected received laboratory analysis. This advisory was a precautionary measure as a result of the suspected system pressure loss. City staff received confirmation from the lab on Saturday that the collected samples had no contamination.  At that time the Health Unit lifted the Boil Water Advisory.