York Regional Police Are Fed Up and Will Start Naming-and-Shaming

Twenty-seven Impaired-related Charges Laid Over The Weekend

Over two dozen impaired driving charges laid by York Regional Police over the weekend and its Chief has had enough.

“It’s clear that something has to change,” said Chief Eric Jolliffe. “Effective immediately, York Regional Police will name all of the drivers charged with impaired-related criminal driving offences, to further make impaired driving socially unacceptable and so that members of our community can assist with notifying police if these offenders choose to drive while under suspension. Innocent lives are put at risk every day by this irresponsible and criminal behavior. We are not giving up.”

Every Monday, York Regional Police will posted the names of those charged with impaired-related charges at its website, www.yrp.ca. The innaugural name-and-shaming goes to a Toronto man, who police say was too drunk to realize his vehicle was blocking a local driveway for over an hour Friday night.