Young Entrepreneurs Open Embella’s To Save Money for School

Two Barrie sisters are staying busy scooping up savings for post secondary education

Faith in humanity restored. It’s hard not to feel good about our future workforce after meeting these two young female entrepreneurs. We spoke to 17-year-old Emma Khan & her 15-year-old sister Isabella of EmBella’s Ice Cream and Waffles on this edition of Movers & Makers, brought to you by Busch Systems.

Both Emma and Isabella are putting money aside for post-secondary education but they also plan to travel again with some of their earnings. “We thought opening Embella’s would be a great idea for a summer job and we had the opportunity because we had access to the food truck already,” says Emma. “We thought it was a great way to get out and get the experience and start as young entrepreneurs.” Isabella looked at it as a great way to practice being organized, saying “it was a great opportunity for life lessons.”

17 year-old Emma Khan & her 15 year-old sister Isabella of EmBella’s Ice Cream and Waffles
17 year-old Emma Khan & her 15 year-old sister Isabella of EmBella’s Ice Cream and Waffles 

Emma is entering her final year of high school and plans to use the money they make for post-secondary education. “I’m not really sure where I want to go yet but I want to major in philosophy in undergrad and then go to Law School.”

Isabella has two more years left before she reaches her senior high school years but says she has a general direction. “I want to go into medical science because it’s something I’m already interested in.

EmBella’s is located at the corner of Huronia and Yonge Streets and will be open on the weekends after the summer so the two can focus on school.