Clean your teeth in only 10 seconds with the Y-Brush

5 up top, and 5 on bottom!

You can impress your dentist the next time you go for a check-up, and it will only take 10 seconds thanks to the Y-Brush.

While it might look a little strange, this cool little device uses an array of automatic bristles to clean the top and bottom half of your mouth in only 5 seconds each. Taking the shape of a sports mouth guard, you simply fill it with toothpaste, bite down, and turn it on. The brush then works its magic to clean your entire mouth in less than 10% of the time it normally takes to brush your teeth.

While the old design is currently available for sale, the company has also unveiled an updated version at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. The new device has a couple of quality of life improvements such as a more ergonomic shape and a flat base allowing it to be stored standing up, without the need for a case. It also (somehow) improves the cleaning capabilities even more, by simplifying the cleaning process even further. With the old device, you had to chew while it cleaned, but with the new device, you just have to move it a little left and right.

The final addition to the new model is the inclusion of six different vibration modes, each one with its own specific function. These modes include Clean Mode, Gum Care, Whitening Mode, Extra Clean Mode (which helps remove stains ), Sensitive Gums Mode, and a Polishing Mode. Oh, and it also connects to a mobile app to track your cleaning habits to make you a better brusher.

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There is no release date for the new model yet, however, the original model is still available from their website and can be shipped worldwide. They start at $180, but for being able to brush in only 10 seconds, it seems like it’s worth it.

Featured image: Y-brush via