Invisible headphones: The coolest speaker you’ve ever seen?

Beam audio directly to your ears.

Wireless headphones are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Invisible headphones. No buds, no wires. Just a speaker and you’re good to go.

The new Noveto N1 offers the world’s first “invisible headphones”, using a brand-new technology called “smart beaming” to eliminate the need to wear anything at all. It sends audio waves directly to your ear so that you are the only one who can hear the speaker.

The speaker uses ultrasonic sound waves to create a sort of noise pocket around your ears, giving you the audio experience of full a 3D spatial audio headphone without actually wearing anything. You can even move around while using the device because it actually uses motion sensors to track your position. It also has built-in facial recognition for interaction with smart devices, allowing you to communicate without having to say your wake-up phrase every single time.

The one drawback of the device is that it works best beyond 3-feet, anything closer and the audio reduction doesn’t work quite as well. So, if you were hoping to use it on the plane, no luck. However, for your desk at home, kitchen, or office, this device will fit right in. Don’t want to disturb someone who’s reading a book in the living room? Now you can watch a show or play a game without kicking them out.

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The Noveto N1 isn’t quite ready for sale yet, but production is well underway. It has been a smash hit at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, so hopefully, we can all get our hands (and our ears) on one soon!

What do you think? Will this technology replace headphones or are you waiting to try them before you decide?

Featured image: Noveto Systems via