2020: The Game

Oh no, not again.

Re-experiencing the year 2020 is not something that will be on anyone’s bucket list, however, someone has created a short, hilarious game you can play from your browser that lets you do just that.

Titled the 2020 Game, it was created by a one-man development team over six months as a side passion project to practice his skills. It is super simple to control by simply using the arrow keys on your keyboard and has checkpoints dotted throughout its short run so if you fail a few sections, it isn’t much of a hassle to get to the end.

It’s a funny little diversion and takes less than five minutes to get through, but it’s also a stark (if darkly humoured) reminder of just how much we all had to endure during the year 2020.

As long as it isn’t filled with zombies, aliens, and giant monsters, 2021 is sure to be an improvement.

Feature image courtesy of 2020 Game via 2020game.io