5 Hidden Gems To Try During Locallicious

If you haven't already!

After a long day of hard work, the last thing you want to do is spend more time and energy cooking. Luckily we have some great news! Locallicious is back from October 21 to November 6 and there are tons of amazing restaurants to choose from.

Here are a few hidden gems that you’ll want to add to your Locallicious stops.

1. 147 Italian ($35)

First up on the list is 147 Italian with their sophisticated yet classic Italian cuisine and amazing wine bar. For Locallicious, 147 is offering a three course meal with tasty Italian dishes like arancini, funghi alla brushette, gnocchi gorgonzola and chicken sorentini.

“My wife and I can’t get over how incredible the food is. Not to mention the Wine List, what a spectacular new restaurant for Barrie.”

2. Wickies Pub ($25 & $30)

Wickies Pub is a must-enjoy pub stop for this year’s Locallicious with both the Burton Ave and Grove St locations participating in the event! Both the lunch and dinner menu are loaded with tasty pub classics like their Forty Creek Burger, Steak and Guinness Pie and Chicken & Broccoli Stuffed Yorkshire.

“There’s a reason these guys have been around for as long as they have been. Food is excellent. Great liquor selection, friendly employees. It’s that bar you always feel good going to, even with your family. Been coming here over 20 years now.”

3. Casa Mia ($20 & $35)

Casa Mia is another Locallicious restaurant with a lunch and dinner menu! Both menus have a delicious selection of Mediterranean inspired dishes made with fresh ingredients. For lunch you can order a lamb burger, cheesesteak or spanakopita and a tasty dessert. The dinner menu is a three course with a choice of 3 starters, 4 entrées and dessert.

“I love this place, it has been around as long as I can remember. The quality of food and service is still superb, portions are large and prices are fair.”

4. Hooligans ($25)

Hooligans is known for their amazing rooftop patio but they also offer an amazing dining experience with fresh food and drink, quality service and lots of energy. For Locallicious they have one fixed-price menu with your choice of starter, dessert and one of four tasty mains. This year’s picks are The Chicken Sandwich, Hoolies Smashed Burger, Hoolies Chicken Tenders and Sirloin Baseball Steak (+$5).

“All I can say is wow. We were just plain hungry. Expected same ol same ol. Wow we were so pleasantly surprised. Clearly a real chef behind the scenes. Almost makes me want to move to Barrie.”

5. Crazy Fox Bistro ($35)

If you’re looking for a classic and contemporary experience with flavourful dishes, impeccable service and a nice wine list, Crazy Fox Bistro is where you need to be. For their Locallicious menu they are offering a shrimp linguini, pork tenderloin and roasted chicken supreme. Each dish also comes with wings, salad or soup and an incredible house made dessert.

“You must go! The Crazy Fox is an outstanding dining experience if you’re in the Barrie area. The menu has been perfected over the many years this bistro has been open. The cuisine combined with the wine list, service and atmosphere make this unique spot one you will want to return to.”

These are just 5 of the many restaurants participating in Locallicious. For a full list, head over to their website.

Featured image courtesy of Ella Olsson via pexels.com