5 Movies set in the future (but are now the past)

Maybe things aren't so bad...

If you buy into the theory of multiple timelines, you might be thinking: “This 2020 sucks. I wonder what happened in the other ones?”. Don’t be so quick to think things couldn’t get worse because it turns out our future might be somewhere in the middle of the pack. Here are some of our favourite movies that are set in the “future”, but are now the past.


We’ll start off with a movie that looks cool but isn’t a place you would want to live (especially if you’re a robot). Bladerunner is set in the far distant future of…2019, where android-like humans try to escape servitude, it seems to be perpetually night, and everything is either lit by neon or faulty, flashing bulbs. Still, as a movie, it’s a must-watch!

2001: A Space Odyssey

Can you even begin to guess when this movie is set? While it might have been over 20 years off in its prediction of commercial space travel, 2001: A Space Odyssey did give us one thing that has come to fruition: HAL. Okay, they aren’t trying to murder us by jettisoning our bodies out of an airlock but Siri and Alexa have more similarities to HAL than differences.

The Running Man

Another prediction gone wrong, 2017 didn’t see the rise of a sadistic game show where prisoners must fight to the death to secure their freedom. While we do seem to have a fascination with game shows with the popularity of programs like Big Brother, we’ll never get to the point of watching live bloodsports for fun…right?

Back to the Future Part II

No, we didn’t get hoverboards or 18 different “Jaws” sequels (although, we did get more than we ever needed) by the year 2015, but Back to the Future Part II did make one prediction that was so close to being right, it’s a little scary. The film was only 1 year off in its prediction that The Cubs would win the world series, which they did in 2016, ending an over 100-year drought. Who needs a sports almanac anyway?


Let’s just get this out of the way, this movie isn’t great. It did manage to attract a lot of moviegoers to the theatre, but that’s only because of its premise. Remember when we thought the world was going to end in 2012? Well, this movie thought it would happen with a healthy amount of tsunamis, earthquakes, and cringe-worthy cliches.

Featured image courtesy of Vox via vox.com