5 Vegan-friendly options for Localicious!

Vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based options.

Don’t think for one minute that because you’re adhering to a vegan lifestyle, you don’t have tons of choices when it comes to LocalLicious! From restaurants that specialize in a plant-based menu to ones you might not know have a few vegan options, here are the best vegan options to pick up for LocalLicious!

Valiant’s ($20)

We’ll kick off this list with the big one. Valiant’s entire LocalLicious menu is 100% plant-based packed with delicious options. Start with soup, salad, or fries, move onto a grain bowl, burger, or pizza, and end with a delectable gourmet brownie! Ask about their add-ons and extras too like the loaded fries!

Beach Club ($30)

Not just open to residents of Friday Harbour, Beach Club has a few vegan and vegetarian options to sink your teeth into. For appetizers, there is the vegetarian spun root veggie salad or the vegan green garden soup. For an entrée, you’re looking at a plate of roasted cauliflower and for dessert, compressed fruit including honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple!

Common Good Cafe ($20)

If you have dinner covered but are looking to treat yourself to a little lunch, Common Good Café has a 3-course lunch menu that includes a few vegan options! For your main, it’s their amazing falafel wrap and for dessert, you can choose between two delicious options: An oatmeal chocolate cookie or a peanut butter & chocolate square!

Lazy Tulip Cafe ($20)

Another fantastic option for lunch if you’re looking for a vegan option is the Lazy Tulip Café. You’ll start with an herbed tomato coconut soup before moving onto a vegan Shepperd’s pie for dinner and either a date square or chocolate coconut cup for dessert.

P_zza & Mmm Donuts ($22)

Who doesn’t love a good partnership especially when it’s this delicious! P_zza and Mmm Donuts have come together to offer a special LocalLicious combo and if you choose the Vegan dream pizza to go along with the 100% plant-based donuts, you have an awesome vegan-friendly dinner! All orders also get a complimentary mini bottle of Moroccan Harissa spice-infused olive oil from another awesome local business, Olive Oil Co.!

Featured image courtesy of Ella Olsson via pexels.com