7-year-old girl from England learns about life in Barrie via Zoom

She chose to learn about life in Canada for a school assignment

Of all the places 7-year-old Layla Hill could visit, she chose Barrie Ontario, Canada.

The young girl from Manchester, England was given a school assignment to pick a place she wanted to visit virtually and learn about.

Luckily for Layla, her family has connections to a Barrie family, who’s children, Logan and Klara Culp where very excited to talk to.

As the kids discovered once they hopped online, even though they are far apart, they have a ton in common.

Klara and Logan chatting with their new friend over zoom

Like most kids right now, Layla has been at home with her parents, Andy and Joanna, as well as her younger brother Oliver and older sister Sandra. She misses going to school and seeing her friends, which Logan and Klara agree is a downside of being away from classes.

Normally Layla takes swimming and dance classes, but just like for children here, those hobbies have been canceled. And both Klara and Layla love Disney princesses and Mary Poppins.

image courtesy of wikimedia commons

Once a day, she and her family head out with the dog for a walk while she gets to ride her scooter.

There are of course many differences. Layla gets along very well with her younger brother; whereas Logan and Klara tend to have a bit more turbulent sibling dynamic.

The siblings also loved the fact that Layla wears a uniform when she goes to school. And Layla was amused when explained what poutine is.

Learning about each other’s life and adjustments over the last while was a sweet one for the kids, making them realize that we are still connected.