A billion-dollar hailstorm and a month’s worth of rain in one day among Top Ten weather stories in Canada this year

Smoky fires, Snowmageddon and a frigid spring also on the list

Weather is always a hot topic of conversation in Canada.

Environment Canada, looking back at 2020, has compiled a list of the top ten weather events of the year.

It begins with a $1-billion hailstorm in Calgary in June. Hail the size of tennis balls propelled by winds of 70 kilometres an hour shattered windows and knocking down trees.

My gosh, you think about it in minutes, it created a $1.5 billion disaster for that city.

– David Phillips, Environment Canada

There was local flavour on the list at number 10. Climatologist David Phillips remembering a stormy August long weekend in the Barrie-area, “We got, for example, a month worth of rain on that Saturday. Some powerful winds and a lot of power outages. And so that was a nasty storm. We had a few of them. But that I think it was the one that was perhaps the most inconvenient one.”

Phillips says he had to sift through 93 weather stories this year to come up with his Top Ten:

  1. Calgary’s Billion-Dollar Hailer
  2. BC’s September Skies: All Smoke, No Fire
  3. Fort McMurray’s Flood of a Century
  4. Endless Hot Summer in the East
  5. St. John’s Snowmageddon
  6. Record Hurricane Season and Canada Wasn’t Spared
  7. The Year’s Most Powerful Tornado
  8. Frigid Spring Helps Canadians Self-Isolate
  9. Fall in Canada – Winter in the West and Summer in the East
  10. August Long-Weekend Storms: East and West