Advance polls open this weekend

Four days, long hours

If you’ve sussed out the leaders, and your local candidates, and have decided who’re you’re voting for in the federal election, you can cast your ballot this weekend.

“At the last election, more electors than ever voted early at advance polls,” says Chief Electoral Officer St├ęphane Perrault. “Advance polls will be open for longer hours, and there will be more advance polling stations to better serve Canadians.”

Advance polls will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Monday from 9am to 9pm.

The location of your advance poll is printed on the voter registration card you received in the mail. You can also check at or call 1-800-463-6868.

If you did not receive a voter card, you’ll need to prove your identity with a driver’s licence or any other card issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial/territorial or local) with your photo, name and current address. Alternatively, you can show two pieces of ID showing your name and at least one must have your current address (i.e. birth certificate, Canadian passport, health card, income tax assessment – a list of accepted ID is online.). You can also declare your identity and address in writing and have someone who knows you and who is assigned to your polling station vouch for you.

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