After an above normal Summer, Fall could be a Perfect 10 – Environment Canada

Looks warmer and drier than usual

Summer always seems to come and go too quickly, but we may get an extension this year.

Autumn, which arrived at 9:31 a.m. Tuesday, won’t be as hot as the summer was, says Environment Canada’s David Phillips (there were 24 days above 30C – the norm is seven), but he expects overall temperatures to be warmer and drier than usual.

That’s not to say there won’t be some cool days and nights, “I think there’ll be frost on the pumpkin, I think we might see snow flurries before Remembrance Day, but that doesn’t necessarily spoil the season,” says Phillips.

The next few weeks will be fuelled, in part, by the continued warmness of the water in local lakes and bays, “A lot of that heat is still to be given off, we could still get 30-degree temperatures [but] having the lakes warmer has a negative effect, too. It means that lake effect snow bursts could come early,” notes Phillips.

The fall colour change season should be spectacular. Phillips says the trees loved the warmth and the rain of the summer, so the leaves are really healthy, they have not suffered at all. “They may change a little later,” says Phillips, “I think the peak will be around Thanksgiving.” But don’t procrastinate, warns Phillips, because if it comes later, it could leave faster.

As for winter, Phillips says it’s still early for that prediction, though the presence of La Nina could mean it will be colder than last year, with a little more snow.

He’ll know more as we get closer to the first of winter on December 21.