Airbnb to start banning guests under 25 from booking entire homes

New rules for Airbnb users in Canada

In an effort to “reduce instances of unauthorized parties” Airbnb has announced it will begin banning local guests under the age of 25 from booking entire homes here in Canada. Spokesperson Chris Lehane made the statement during a news conference in Toronto Wednesday afternoon.

housing subdivision

Airbnb guests under 25 years old will still be able to book a private room within a host’s primary residence, but Lehane says the changes they are testing out this month mean those guests won’t be able to rent an “unhosted home” within a certain geographical distance of where they’re living. Lehane never specified what that distance would be. However, people under 25 with positive Airbnb reviews will still be allowed to book entire homes locally.  

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In a statement, Airbnb said the changes are backed by data suggesting issues related to house parties often occur in areas where the renter lives. Lehane announced a new “24/7 neighbourhood support telephone hotline” in Canada for people dealing with Airbnb-related problems.