Alarmed For Life: Barrie Fire And Emergency’s Safety Campaign

Barrie Fire and Emergency are launching their Alarmed For Life campaign for the second year in a row.

The Alarmed For Life Campaign will see firefighters canvassing homes to ensure they have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Barrie Fire’s Samantha Hoffmann says fire crews will be going door-to-door to not only make sure everyone has the proper equipment in working order, but also to see if you have a home escape plan in mind. She adds many homes were in compliance during last year’s Alarmed For Life. “We visited 11,000 homes, and of those, 68 per cent had working smoke and CO alarms that were in date and functional. That sounds great, but it leaves 32 per cent unprotected.”

Don’t worry, no fines are being levied for the campaign, they only want to educate and raise awareness on the importance of having working alarms. “This is an educational program. We’re just trying to get out and spread awareness, and making people aware of the importance of their smoke and CO alarms.” says Hoffmann. “However, if somebody has a fireā€¦ it is a $360 fine for each non-working alarm.”

Tips From Barrie Fire And Emergency:

Check how old your alarms are: Smoke and CO alarms expire after 10 years.
Test your alarms: Once a month, press the alarm test button to ensure they are working
Change the batteries: At least once a year, ensure your alarms have fresh batteries (they recommend changing them when you change the clocks for daylights saving time)

For more tips and details about the campaign, click here.