All dressed up with no place to go: Barrie photographer zooms in on grads and vulnerable youths

A chance to wear that grad dress/tux after all

When she joined the #TheFrontStepsProject in late March, Barrie photographer Louise Jones had no idea how busy she would be.

She had set aside a few days to take family portraits – from a distance – around Barrie and the surrounding area: snapshots of the moment of time we are in. In return, she asked those families to make a donation to support the Barrie Food Bank in a time of great need.

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Those few days turned into a few weeks.

Those photos turned into a few thousand dollars for the food bank.

Families were elated with the results.

Now, Jones’ lens is pointing in a different direction.


Ceremonies have been cancelled due to the physical distancing required as a result of Covid-19.

Graduating students, who had already purchased gowns and suits for the occasion, have been left ‘all dressed up with no place to go’.

Until now.

Parents who had family photos taken on their front porches began to call wondering if Jones might return to capture their sons and daughters in their graduation attire.

Another moment in time.

Jones didn’t have to think about it for very long.

From one rite of passage to another

Nor did it take long to identify a charity to benefit from this new photoshoot.

In return for these portraits, Jones asks only that a donation be made to Youth Haven Barrie, where vulnerable youths are empowered to become successful adults.

Sign up here for the #Classof2020 project.

photos courtesy Louise Jones – #TheFrontStepsProject & #Classof2020

NOTE: physical distancing is observed at all times between the photographer and her subjects; all proceeds to Youth Haven Barrie