An offer you can’t refuse: The Godfather Part III is getting an updated re-release

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While it might have been an impossible task to begin with, the third chapter in the Godfather trilogy didn’t hit nearly the same heights as the first two films. Director Francis Ford Coppola is hoping to breathe new life into the trilogy with a brand new, never-before-seen cut of the film.

One of the most beloved series in film history, The Godfather is a chronicling of the Italian American mafia Corleone Family. Both the first and second chapters of the series were hailed as masterpieces when they released, both picking up the Best Picture award at the Oscars. However, nearly 15 years later, The Godfather Part III struggled to match its predecessors.

In a brand new release of the film, titled “The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone”, Francis Ford Coppola has put together a fresh cut that gives a more appropriate conclusion to the saga. The film also features enhanced picture and sound and will no doubt be the best way to watch (or re-watch) the film for its 30th anniversary.

The film will be getting a limited run in select theatres, but don’t worry if it isn’t coming close to you because the full at-home release is only a few weeks away on December 8th.

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