Appeals Court Upholds Decision in Favour of Barrie Girl Hurt By Jumping from School Bus

Young Woman Left Unable to Work or Live Independently

The Ontario Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision to award damages to a girl left with permanent injuries following a last day of school stunt.

The girl was 13 at the time of the incident in June of 2011; following through with what is said to be a last day of school tradition for Grade 8 students, the Barrie girl jumped from the back door of her moving bus and struck her head. The bus was moving at a speed of about 25km/h at the time. The fall left her with serious injuries that, according to court documents, left her unable to work or live independently.

In May of this year, a lower court found the young girl partially responsible for her injuries, but determined the bus line bore the brunt of the responsibility over her injuries. The court awarded her $7,032,600 in damages at the time, a decision that was this week upheld by the Appeals Court.