Barrie Brothers Make Cat Shelters to keep strays safe and cozy

Arctic cat shelters provide stray cats a break from extreme weather

A Barrie family is putting their spare time and love of cats to great use.

Tanya Verkerk and her sons, 10-year-old Daniel and 11-year-old Richard, have made several Arctic Cat warming shelters to help strays stay warm and safe.

Tanya says creating the makeshift homes was a combination of being home, the Betty White Challenge, and their love of felines.

The simple design consists of a larger rubber bin, straw, insulation, and some catnip.

Daniel says his mom cuts out the hole in the box, and they put tape around the opening, so the cats don’t cut themselves going in.

image courtesy of Arctic Cat Outdoor Shelter Via facebook

Since they started just a few weeks ago, they have had tons of requests for the boxes.

Tanya says people ask for them when they know of a stray cat.

“People can’t always bring strays into their home because they have cats of their own, but they want to help.”

They ask the community not to add any food to the boxes if you see them, because it can dampen and soil the straw.

The Verkerks are cat lovers, having two themselves. One of them was a barn cat they adopted at just eight weeks old.

The shelters cost around $15 to make, and donations are welcome, but Tanya says they will give anyone a box who has a need for it.

You can follow the family’s journey on their Facebook page at Arctic Cat Warming Shelters.

feature image courtesy of Arctic cat warming shelters via facebook