Bam Margera suing co-star Johnny Knoxville and the studios behind Jackass series

Might halt fall release date.

After being “illegally fired” from the fourth installment of the Jackass franchise, Bam Margera is filing suit against MTV, Paramount, and his former co-star Johny Knoxville for millions of dollars in compensation.

The lawsuit alleges that Margera was coerced (without legal representation) into signing a “wellness clause”, which would have him submit to random and scheduled drug tests, which led to his firing so the producers could “steal” the franchise rights and not properly compensate him.

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“While Margera has given Jackass more than two decades’ worth of his blood, sweat and tears, the defendants have not repaid him in kind. Rather, Margera, who has a documented history of mental health issues, including diagnosed bipolar disorder, has been the victim of unconscionable discrimination at the hands of defendants,” said Browne George Ross O’Brien Annaguey & Ellis, the law firm representing him.

Where things get really dicey is the drug test that Margara supposedly failed was due to him taking prescription Adderall for his attention deficit disorder, which the defendants allegedly knew about. Combine this with the allegation that no other Jackass star was terminated due to taking a prescription drug and things look pretty ugly, if true.

Those named in the lawsuit have not made any public comment on the situation and Jackass Forever is still scheduled to hit theatres this fall; however, the lawsuit is also seeking a permanent injunction to prevent its release on October 22.

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