Barrie By The Book: It’s Nation Book Lovers Day

For Those Who Adore the Artistry Of Words And The Illumination Of The Mind

It’s National Book Lovers Day and we’re celebrating by highlighting a few of the best locations around the city to get your hands on some books.

Little Free Library

The first and best place to start is by checking out Little Free Library. This interactive map lets you search for “take a book, leave a book” locations by city, postal code, or even just the closest ones to your current location. Hop over to the site and try it out!

Flying Monkeys Brewery

Flying Monkey's Take A Book, Leave  A Book
Take A Book, Leave A Book Located In Flying Monkeys

You read that right. Barrie’s Flying Monkeys Brewery not only offers food and a huge assortment of craft beer but take a walk downstairs to the washrooms and you will see a few shelves lined with books in the spirit of “take a book, leave a book”.

Barrie Public Library

What a surprise, right? The Barrie Public Library has two locations with one at Painswick and the other in the Downtown core with a huge selection of books from every genre at both locations. Make sure to check out their event calendar too for tons of fun stuff to do.


Free books are always nice but there’s something special about cracking open a brand new one. Maybe it’s that new book smell? Either way, Chapters has a huge selection of books to choose from and even a coffee shop built right in. Grab a cup of joe and enjoy an afternoon read.

Big B Comics

If graphic novels are more your style, Big B Comics is the best place to get your fill for all things comics. They have new releases for you to check out every week and even a subscription service to ensure you get the latest issues of all your favorites!

Kerry’s Book Store

Kerry's Book Store In Barrie
Kerry’s Book Store In Barrie

Kerry’s Book Store has been a staple of downtown Barrie for a long time. A cozy little store that offers a large selection of used books. They also buy used books so if you have any lying around its the perfect place to pass on your old novels.

Bell, Book & Candle

Bell, Book & Candle In Barrie
More than just books…But Still A Lot Of Books.

A sanctuary of books located in downtown Barrie, Bell, Book & Candle is framed wall to wall with tons of books from a variety of different genres. You can also pick up lots of cool giftware and trinkets that are sure to spruce up your reading nook.