Barrie City Hall banning BBQs and tents at all parks, beaches, and trails to address overcrowding

This includes recent hot spots Centennial Beach, Wilkins Beach, and Tyndale Beach

Barrie City Hall is putting a temporary ban on barbecues and tents at all waterfront parks, beaches, and trails as pandemic-era crowding continues to be an issue.

This move puts a restriction on such locations as Centennial Park and its beach, as well as Wilkins Park and Trail, and Tyndale Park and its beach. The city points out while this new rule applies to these hot spots, the ban is city-wide.

The ban takes effect Saturday, July 25.

It is hoped this temporary measure will address overcrowding concerns by promoting beachgoer turnover due to shorter visits. City Hall says the use of barbecues and tents is leading to groups of more than 10 people congregating at a time, which doesn’t fall in line with provincial health and safety guidelines.

The City defines a barbecue as any gas-fueled, charcoal, or electric cooking appliance. Campfires are prohibited at all Barrie parks, beaches and trails at all times. A tent is defined as a shelter with a covered roof and could have walls. Umbrellas or shades supported by a single pole are still permitted for sun protection use.