Barrie City Hall Puts off Decision on South End Arena Naming Rights Offer

Second Offer Made To Council Since Naming Rights Were Made Available

City Hall has decided to take a closer look at a proposal that would change the name of the arena in Barrie’s south end.

CampMart, an RV dealership with a presence in south Barrie, has offered $1.65 million over ten years to name the once BMC the CampMart Centre instead, with ten annual payments of $165,000. On Monday evening’s meeting, council voted to send the proposal back to city staff for further review.

The naming rights of the south end arena came up for grabs back in September of 2017, and this is the second offer to be presented to council in that time. The first offer, coming from a local car dealership, was voted down by council, as it was felt $100,000 a year for twenty years was too low.