Barrie Colts on the hunt for billet homes to host new players

The Barrie Colts are gearing up for another season but are looking for a few good homes in the city beforehand.

With many players too young to live on their own, the team is looking for billet homes in Barrie to put these kids up in. “Because they are teenagers, who are far from home, it’s important to the organization, as well as the OHL, to provide them with a stable environment during their time in Barrie,” Kevin Collins, Manager of Social Responsibility for the Barrie Colts, told Barrie 360. “We’re looking for families that are interested in building a lasting relationship with young men as they attempt to reach their goals and dreams.”

Collins says there are a few requirements to be considered. Among them, is location. “Our preference would be to have them closer to the Sadlon Arena,” he said. “Most of them are going into high school or will be attending high school. We want them close to the school as well.” Collins points out all high school-age players attend Innisdale Secondary on Little Ave. He added, for a home to be considered, adults should have had a COVID-19 vaccine, and participate in a voluntary criminal check.

Each player is to have their own room, a private desk area for schoolwork, a parking spot if they’ve got a car, and healthy, nutritious food.

On top of that, Collins says there’s a big emotional component to hosting a Colts player. “A lot of them are leaving home for the first time. They’re looking for stability, they’re looking for somebody that can help mentor them,” he said. “Help when times are tough, or they lost a game, or are dealing with challenges at school.”

There is a stipend for billet homes. Collins says the team will help cover some living costs and will provide each billet household with two season tickets.

To apply to be a billet home, email Collins at or call (416) 580-0057. An application will be provided before team representatives schedule an inspection and interview.