Shovels in the ground at Barrie’s south end employment lands

Shovels were in the ground at 311 King Street on Monday afternoon, signalling the development of Barrie’s south end employment lands.

Mayor Alex Nuttall and Stephen Sperling, president of Aerarium Group – who is developing the land – made the announcement.

“This was recently approved through our development process,” said Nuttall. “Making sure that our land and space inventory has a strong mix of shovel-ready and tenant-ready facilities available.”

The coming space is expected to include five units available for commercial and industrial opportunities.

According to Aerarium’s website, the completion of the King Street project will be in the summer of 2024.

“This project would not have happened without the help of the staff and the mayor,” said Sperling. “We were on the verge of cancelling it and they came across and helped us out. The project, 65,000 square feet, has a potential of possibly 300 employees.”

Looking toward future endeavours, Sperling mentioned a location just around the corner.

“The next one will probably be down at Salem [Road] and Veterans [Drive] and that’s probably in about two years, and that’ll be a much larger project.”

Banner image captured by Barrie 360