Barrie Fire Department Says Don’t Rush To Bring Your Christmas Tree Indoors

Fire department's Samantha Hoffman says Christmas trees can dry out fast

Don’t be surprised if you see Christmas trees popping out from the trunks of vehicles or on top of vehicle rooftops during your travels this weekend.

With December 25th fast approaching, many people might be using this weekend not only to buy a tree but bring it indoors and start decorating.

All goods says Barrie Fire Prevention Officer Samantha Hoffman. However, she suggests keeping the tree outdoors until closer to the big day. She’s not being a Grinch. This is about the safety of you and your family.

“If if you are buying your tree now, we don’t recommend you bring them in into the home until actually closer to the Christmas Day because they dry out very quickly inside a house.”

Once the tree is brought indoors, there are some things Hoffman says you must keep in mind.

“Don’t put them near your heating vents or too close to your fireplace. Always check the tree to make sure that it has enough water, so if the needles are falling off a lot, it’s probably getting really, really dry and you probably need to remove it from your home.”