South Barrie getting another grocery store; what about downtown?

Hinges on condo and high-rise development

Lots of buzz about the new Farm Boy grocery store opening this week on Bryne Drive in south Barrie.

Also, a lot of questions on social media about when a full-service grocery store will open downtown.

One was supposed to open in the condominium complex on Mulcaster Street across from city hall, but that fell by the wayside with changes in ownership of the complex. That said, there’s still an opportunity for a supermarket to locate there.

Mayor Jeff Lehman says a downtown grocery store hinges on the completion of several condo and high-rise projects in the core, “They’re not interested in plans, they’re interested in customers. But once the buildings start going up, they know the customers will be there. And that’s the increased demand that can bring a full-service store into the downtown core.”

Some of those buildings are under construction, others will be soon.

While he couldn’t say for sure, Lehman told Barrie 360 he wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an announcement about a downtown grocery store before the end of the year.

“Wouldn’t surprise me at all.”