Barrie group wants new south-end school named after city’s namesake, Sir Robert Barrie

Spokesman for Sir Robert Barrie Project Committee says Barrie was a hero of the War of 1812

What’s in a name?

Plenty to members of the Sir Robert Barrie Project Committee (SRBPC) who want the Simcoe County District School Board to name a new south-end high school after Sir Robert Barrie, the city’s namesake.

Committee member Bill Sergeant said very few people in Barrie know why the city is called Barrie.

He points out the names of Barrie’s public high schools are all geographically located, such as Barrie North, Eastview and the former Barrie Central Collegiate.

The new high school will be built near the intersection of Prince William Way and Mapleview Drive.

The SRBPC also wants the new school’s sports teams to be named the Dragons, after the British navy ship Barrie commanded.

Sergeant says in Chesapeake Bay the Dragon sunk or captured 85 American vessels.

“The HMS Dragon was a 74 gun ship,” said Sergeant. “It was one of the most powerful ships in the British Navy during the War of 1812. So, there is the connection. A powerful sports team named after a powerful ship and the school named after a hero of the War of 1812, as well as the namesake of the community.”

Sergeant says Barrie was also instrumental in getting the Welland Canal and the Rideau Canal built.

The school board has struck a committee to select the winning name.

The naming contest concludes on Friday, February 28.

The school is expected to open during the 2021-22 school year.

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