Barrie had the lowest violent crime severity index across Canada, with a huge decline noted over the past decade

Barrie was one of two communities to report zero homicides in 2020

Statistics Canada is out with some new numbers that show Barrie has the lowest violent crime severity index in all of Canada. The city is among the top three in the lowest total crime severity index.

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) monitors the severity level of police-reported crime. The CSI measures the overall seriousness of crime from one year to the next by tracking both the prevalence of crime in a municipality and the seriousness of the crimes committed. Higher levels of crime severity have been shown to substantially reduce personal and community quality of life, thus a low CSI score is a good indicator of community vitality.

Barrie’s total CSI was 44.9 in 2020 which was the third-lowest in the county. It represents a 16 point decline from 2019 and a 24 point drop over the last ten years. The city’s violent crime severity index is the country’s lowest at 50.

Barrie and Saguenay, Quebec were the only two municipalities in Canada to have no homicides reported in 2020. For the fifth year in a row, Thunder Bay saw the most, with eight murders reported in the community last year.

Nationally, there were 743 homicides, 56 more than the previous year. In 2020, police reported 201 Indigenous victims of homicide, 22 more than in 2019. Of these victims, 62% were identified by police as First Nations peoples, 4% as M├ętis and 9% as Inuk. The rate of homicide for Indigenous peoples was approximately 7 times higher than the rate for non-Indigenous people.