Barrie Housing Prices Decline Slightly Month-Over-Month

Not Much Movement On Average Prices County-Wide

If you sold your home last month instead of the month before, you missed out.

The Barrie and District Association of Realtors says the average price of units sold within Barrie in July was about 2.5% less than the going rate in June, at an average $481,893. About 220 units were sold last month within the City, about 4.7% less than the number of units sold the month prior. This represents less a decline than the year prior however, where the number of units decreased 28% month-over-month.

On the county level, excluding Barrie, the average price of homes didn’t fluctuate much; at $526,384, the average July price was about 0.2% less than in June. Two-hundred and eighty-three units sold throughout the County last month, about 7.6 per cent more than the month before.