Barrie is being invaded by giant snowmen…but all is not lost

We will not submit

No one is quite sure what form of technology (or magic) is holding them together or how they ventured here from some faraway land, but there has been a spike in sightings of large snowman-like figures popping up across Barrie.

Not much is known about our new visitors but experts are claiming it might be a small reconnaissance force sent to gather intelligence and make plans for a further invasion. If sighted, it is recommended you do everything you can to limit their ability to gain a foothold. Luckily, they seem to have one (and only one) weakness.

While the giant snowmen are fully capable of movement, it seems that bright flashes, like the ones emitted by a camera, cause the giant snowmen’s outer shell to harden to a point where they can no longer move. This discovering has groups like the Major Establishment Locating Tyrannical Snowmen encouraging a new tactic for pushing back the snowman threat. M.E.L.T.S is recommending everyone use their camera to take a picture of the snowmen whenever one is sighted. Without movement, the giant snowmen will be forced to move on and search for less contested ground.

If you do manage to spot one of these giant invaders, be sure to snap a picture before they unfreeze and post it on social media so others can do the same.

If we all work together, we can stem the tide of giant snowman casting so ominous a shadow over Barrie.