Barrie man facing $1,000 fine after failing to quarantine for 14 days upon return to Canada

Police say recent traveller hosted a get together with people who were unaware he should be under quarantine

A Barrie man has been handed a fine for $1,000 after Barrie Police say he didn’t quarantine for two weeks following a trip abroad. Adding a victim surcharge onto that ticket means the recent traveller is on the hook for $1,125.

The local police service was contacted by Health Canada and asked to follow up with a 45-year-old man who was supposed to be in quarantine. When officers went knocking, it appears he was violating that quarantine.

“We did charge a resident of Barrie who was supposed to be participating in a quarantine for 14 days,” said Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon. “That individual chose to host a little gathering when other people should have known to be there.”

Leon says it was a small gathering and the individual’s guests were unaware he was supposed to be quarantining. “It’s been strongly recommended by our officers that those individuals should get themselves tested to see if they had any potential exposure.”

The Barrie man had travelled from the Caribbean through the United States and back to Canada. “He was almost through his quarantine period when we got this information,” Leon added.