Barrie Police issue warning over rash of Canada Post super box break-ins

While it is only the 1st of December, it appears there might already be grinches among us.

The Barrie Police Service has issued an official head’s up after several super boxes have been broken into. While it is unknown if anything was stolen, it appears the goal is clear. “I call it porch pirates gone wild,” said police spokesperson Peter Leon. “We want to make sure that any parcels that may be left behind, get to the intended resident of that community.”

Leon says there have been no witnesses to these recent break-ins. “We haven’t had anybody who’s seen anything other than the aftermath. And that’s when people are coming by and they’re seeing all the boxes that have been opened. It appears to be happening during the overnight hours, of course, when nobody’s around.”

Many folks are going the online shopping route this year, which means more parcels destined for Barrie residents. Leon suggests shoppers make use of the digital tools at their disposal. “If you can track your parcels, be there to to receive them, or have somebody be there to receive them for you.”

“A lot of people are utilizing technology and have doorbell cams, and they’re able to watch when these deliveries are made, and make arrangements to have a neighbor come by and pick it up so that it doesn’t disappear,” Leon added of residents expecting the parcel to be delivered to their door instead of their mailbox.

Should your package be swiped before reaching your home, Leon says the best thing to do is contact the shipper. In many cases, that would be Canada Post. “But let’s hope that we can nip this in the bud,” he concluded. “Any suspicious persons. call 911, let us know right away, we’ll be more than happy to attend.”